Save Jammie Dodgers campaign gains traction

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» Save Jammie Dodgers campaign gains traction

The campaign aims to stop the addition of dairy to the popular jam-centred biscuit

The #SaveJammieDodgers campaign that started yesterday afternoon gained over 2000 signatures in just eight hours after it was revealed that Burton’s Biscuit Company have reformulated the recipe to add milk protein.

“This work has been based on feedback we had previously received and has been undertaken to improve the texture and flavour of the product,” said the company’s customer service department. 

The vegan community reacted sadly to the news that an easily attainable British biscuit would no longer be in their reach, while those with lactose intolerance were also left out in the cold.

“It makes little financial sense to add an ingredient to a product that will cut out a portion of your customer base but do little to change the product itself.” – Amy, Nottingham

“There is absolutely no need to use milk products in these delicious biscuits! Some people choose to abstain, some do for medical reasons, and both should be able to enjoy the jammy goodness.” – Catherine, London

“I'm lactose intolerant and these are one biscuit I could eat without worrying!” – Emma, Southwater

Campaign creator Ali Ryland said: “This is a retrogressive step for Burton’s to take at a time when veganism and dairy reducing diets are increasing substantially. Companies need to recognise the demand for vegan products, especially among widely accessible foods. Not only will this increase their sales, it will increase the amount of people who feel able to make the switch to veganism.”

At the time of writing the petition has gained nearly 3000 signatures, and is currently in the top five of’s popular petitions. You can sign the petition here.

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