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A resounding 'yes'

On Saturday 28 June 2014 The Vegan Society held an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to request a change of date for the end of our financial year.

Currently our financial year ends in June and culminates with the AGM in November. The latter part of the year is always very busy for the Society and includes World Vegan Month in November. This year the Society's 70th Anniversary celebrations also take place in November and so to focus on this important occasion the request was made to Members to change the date of the financial year end. This way, the busy months can be focussed on outreach and promoting veganism, and the quiter months on accounts and administration.

The result of the vote was 99.5%  in favour:

  • Total Votes (incl. postal): ­ 679
  • Total for the motion:­ 637 (582 postal, 45 Chair as proxy, 2 others as proxy, 8 votes on the day)
  • Total Against:­ 2
  • Total Abstained:­ 1
  • Total Spoiled: 35

A big thank you to all Members who took the time to complete and submit postal votes.

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