Vegan diet and protection against coronavirus (COVID-19)

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» Vegan diet and protection against coronavirus (COVID-19)

Well-planned nutrition is known to support normal functioning of the immune system. Recently, we’ve received a few queries from people around the world asking if a vegan diet can offer protection against coronavirus (COVID-19). The simple answer is no. Our partner, the British Dietetic Association, has stated that no specific diet, food or supplement will stop someone from catching coronavirus in their advice for the general public.

During these difficult times, it is essential that we focus on following the latest guidance issued by our governments around social distancing, shielding, self-isolating, good hygiene practice and other measures. This expert advice will help us to protect our health services and save lives.

While we follow government guidance about coronavirus, we can certainly strive to look after ourselves in other ways. For example, we can encourage each other to keep active at home, eat well as much as possible and take steps to promote mental wellbeing. However, as a global community, our current public health priority is fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Heather Russell, Vegan Society Dietitian

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