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Ethics of non-human animal use by humans

Our Media Officer, Amanda Baker, was extensively quoted in the Scottish edition of the well-know UK broadsheet newspaper, (The Sunday Times Scotland) last Sun 30 Sep 2012. Hundreds of anaerobic digestion plants in Scotland, England and Wales are now licensed to take material from slaughterhouses. Mark Macaskill, a Senior Reporter on The Sunday Times Scotland, has investigated these licenses which have been issued by Defra and Sepa to allow this practice.

"The Vegan Society said Britain’s 3M vegans and vegetarians will be 'horrified' by the disclosure. ... In Scotland, three biogas plants accept abattoir waste under licence from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa). Energy companies are not obliged to tell customers if abattoir waste is used. ... The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said there are 377 anaerobic digestion plants in England and Wales licensed to take abattoir waste. ... Amanda Baker, from the Vegan Society, said the use of animal waste to generate energy posed 'serious ethical questions'. She said: 'Many vegans will be horrified at being forced to participate in the use of animals in energy generation. We seek full supply chain disclosure in all goods and services, like food and cosmetics labelling. This same principle applies to energy. Energy companies need to declare if they are using animals in any way to generate energy. This applies to body parts or stomach contents from slaughterhouses or fishing, as well as animal-derived wasted food. As customers we all need full protected rights, to know exactly what we are buying.'"

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