Vegan prisoners get expert guide on rights and nutrition

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» Vegan prisoners get expert guide on rights and nutrition

We have released a comprehensive guide for prisoners with the latest expert advice on meeting the dietary and lifestyle needs of vegan prisoners.

The pamphlet is divided into two sections: one for vegan prisoners about their rights, buying or requesting vegan products, and resolving grievances; and one for prison staff, including nutritional advice, catering tips and benefits, and ingredients to avoid.

The guide is supported by the International Vegan Rights Alliance, a leading authority on the subject of veganism and law.

Heather Russell, Dietitian at The Vegan Society: “It’s easy to meet your nutritional needs on a vegan diet if you’re well informed, but it may be more challenging in a prison setting.

“We hear from prison staff who require practical advice on catering for vegans and prisoners who are unsure about their rights, so we’re delighted to be launching an all-encompassing resource.

“We’re keen to make our guide available to as many prisons as possible.”

The British Dietetic Association, the professional association for dietitians in the UK, shares the message that vegan diets can support healthy living in people of all ages and life stages.

The Vegan Society is committed to helping vegans in challenging situations. Our advocacy team are able to send the booklet free of charge to prison staff and prisoners in need of practical information.

You can request copies as well as view a digital version of the guide here

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