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World Vegan Month is nearly here!

More exciting than Christmas, New Year's Eve and your birthday all put together it could only be...drum roll please...World Vegan Month. Woo hoo!

It is time to put up posters in public places, share vegan cakes (you know we love any excuse to make cake, right?), take a non-vegan to a vegan festival, talk to your local newspapers and radio...and any other vegan stuff you can think of.

World Vegan Day

The perfect day to kick off your WVM celebrations, World Vegan Day is 1 November. If you fancy getting involved then take a look at our major events and remember that if you can't find something in your area, you've got the perfect excuse to put something together yourself. Make it fun, make it exciting, make it vegan!

Spread the word

Get in touch for our two new FREE posters: 'Because you do care' and 'World Vegan Day'

Shop 'til you drop

To help celebrate we've got some World Vegan Day special book deals - great as Christmas gifts or a sneaky little pre-Christmas present for yourself. Sssh, we won't tell anyone.

In World Vegan Month (November), these Vegan Society publications will be on special offer from the Vegan Society online shop:

  • Vegan Passport: WAS £4.99 NOW £2.50
  • Animal Free Shopper 9th edition: WAS £4.99 NOW £3.99
  • Vegan Stories: WAS £5.99 NOW £4.99
  • Feeding your Vegan Infant - with Confidence: WAS £9.99 NOW £6.99
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