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In this blog we're introducing you to Ann Lloyd, another treasured member of our volunteer team. Here's Ann's story.  

Supporter Services Coordinator, Seona Deuchar, reflects on her time working with volunteers at the vegan society.

June 1st marks the beginning of Volunteers' Week. We thought we would take this opportunity to catch up with some of our treasured volunteers to find out more about their stories.

The Wicked Healthy cookbook, by Derek Sarno and and Chad Sarno, will be released soon. Here's what to expect from the much anticipated book.  

In 2017 we launched the first phase of Vegan On The Go, which encouraged high street retailers to improve their ready-made vegan options. Take a look at our next phase!

Sometimes we all fancy something a little bit indulgent and delicous! Here's what we turn to when we're in the mood for scrumptious treat. 

The trials and triumphs of being a vegan entrepreneur in a small, Southern community.

The 22nd of April is International Mother Earth Day, a celebration of Earth and the life it provides us with. It’s easily forgotten in our busy schedules, but without our planet, we would not be able to live and thrive as we do today – we wouldn’t even exist!

Victoria Holder of Victoria's Creative Kitchen, shares her experience of travelling the world in a camper van and creating stunning vegan dishes with limited resources


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