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vegan supplement multivitamin

After searching the internet for an affordable, reliable, vegan multivitamin, you have finally found The Vegan Society’s VEG 1. Chewable and packed full of seven key nutrients, VEG 1 ticks all of your boxes. But there is one issue – remembering to take it!

Woman with curly hair

All you need to know about embracing your naturally curly hair with the help of vegan products!

cooking utensils lined up

All you need to know about the checks we put in place to ensure menu items registered by us are suitable for vegans!

Platter of vegan Christmas food on a table

A complete guide to the tastiest vegan Christmas yet!

Pink advent calendar opening up to The Vegan Trademark

Count down to a kinder Christmas with these delicious vegan advent calendars!

Lady on a phone in a highstreet

We’ve been working behind the scenes to create some new resources to support vegan and vegan-curious teens

30 Years Fashion Banner

With animal-free fashion thriving in recent years, it’s apparent that vegan is the new black! But what makes a fashion product vegan?

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