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VEG 1 and sunflowers

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Cow in a shelter

As the COP26 global climate change conference closes, Global North leaders and animal farmers are still refusing to face up to ‘the cow in the room’. 

Plate Up stand at COP26

A central theme of The Vegan Society’s work for the past decade, has been the benefits of transitioning to plant-based farming.  We don’t need to farm animals, and formerly farmed animals have much better lives in suitable sanctuaries.   

hands holding a sapling

Even if we stop fossil fuel emissions immediately, current trends in our global food systems will take us past the 1.5°C target, and threaten the 2°C target.

A picture showing the top half of the world.

All countries of the Global North urgently need Food Sustainability laws enacted. These must embed commitments such as the Paris Agreement, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as timelines to climate justice, with binding steps to reduce animal farming.

Map of the world made from grains and pulses on a plate

The Global North has already put vastly more than our global fair share of Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) into Earth’s atmosphere, including around 90% of the excess CO2. They are also the wealthiest, and thus must cut their own GHG emission enough to keep the world below the 1.5°C target.  

Pioneering stock-free grower, Iain ‘Tolly’ Tolhurst, Tolhurst Organic farm.

Today is World Vegan Day, marking the founding of The Vegan Society and millennia of work to avoid all human harm to non-human animals. Our vision is a world in which all animals live and thrive freely in their chosen habitats.  

World Vegan Day Logo

This year, World Vegan Day is a special one, as it coincides with the beginning of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), bringing together countries worldwide to discuss how we tackle the climate crisis.


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