7 easy ways to keep those January fitness goals going

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» 7 easy ways to keep those January fitness goals going

If you didn’t take part in Veganuary this year, you may have decided to use the fresh start of January to give up something else, begin a new hobby or set yourself a fitness goal.

Now that we’ve thankfully seen the back of the seemingly never-ending month that was January, you might be finding it hard to stick to your resolutions so here are a few tips to keep you going.

Set a timeframe

Whether you decide to sign up for an organised challenge or set yourself another goal for later in the year, having a date in mind that you want to achieve something by will help you to stay on course.

Squad Goals

It’s a well-known fact that you are more likely to stick to something if you have support from those around you. Ask one of your friends or a family member to register for the gym with you and you might even find you get a discount for a multiple-person pass.

Fuel yourself properly

If you increase the amount of physical activity you are doing, you need to make sure you change your diet accordingly. Last summer we spoke to Team GB athlete Lisa Gawthorne who gave us some insight on her diet and how to make sure you are fuelling yourself properly when training as a vegan athlete.

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Tick it off!

Training plans are readily available online for a variety of different challenges, from Couch to 5k running to cycling 100 miles. Having a physical plan on the wall that you can tick off when you complete each day is certain to keep you motivated.

Don’t fret

If you skip a day because you have other commitments or aren’t feeling well, it’s important not to beat yourself up over it. Stay realistic and remember that nobody’s perfect so there will always be slip ups. Don’t use a mistake as an excuse to give up but as a reason to work harder next time!

Treat yourself

When you reach your goal or hit certain milestones along the way, give yourself a reward to keep you going. Whether that be a day off or a cheeky bowl of vegan ice cream, you’ve deserved it!

Raise money for charity

The best motivation of all is knowing that at the same time as getting fit, you are raising money for a great cause. Choose a sponsored challenge and ask your friends and family to donate to The Vegan Society on your behalf. Everything you raise will help us reach further towards our goal of a world where no animal is exploited by humans.

We have places in the Great North Run in September this year, which you can find out more about and apply for here.

You can also use your own place in any event to raise sponsorship for The Vegan Society, just let us know what you decide to do and we’ll support you throughout the lead up to and day of the event with tips for training and fundraising to help you raise as much as you can.

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