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Keeping your home clean, cosy and beautiful doesn’t have to harm animals.

Whether it’s laundry and household cleaning, or styling and furnishing your home, we’ve put together a guide to Vegan Trademark certified household products to get you started!

Bedroom bedside cabinet with books, case and a teacupBedding

Down feathers in duvets and pillows might be an obvious animal product you look out for in bedding, but there are some not-so-obvious ones too. Dyes, recycled materials, treatments and finishes on buttons and thread (such as certain oils to give them a sheen), as well as the textiles and processes involved in producing mattresses, can all involve the use of animals.

Ensure your bedding is vegan-friendly with these products, all checked against our standards:

Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Company Mattresses     

Under the guidance of the Vegan Trademark, Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Company has created a range of sustainable vegan mattresses after seeing a significant increase in consumers asking if their mattresses met a vegan and natural lifestyle. Handmade in Britain, their Plant Comfort collection of mattresses features 1900 grams per square metre of organic cotton, flax and hemp, plus certified, sustainably sourced bamboo. Check out their pocket sprung mattresses including Plant Based 1200, Plant Based 1500 and Plant Based 3000 for a naturally relaxing and soothing night’s sleep.

Cottonsafe Mattresses

Cottonsafe’s vegan mattresses in Value, Choice, Luxury and Children’s (bespoke sizes available for ages two to approximately ten) are all certified with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark. These chemical-free and vegan mattresses have individually nested pocket springs for exceptional support and have the feel of a memory foam mattress. They contain non-allergenic polyester and the fabric cover is Allergy UK and OEKO-TEX certified. The mattresses are also fully recyclable at end of life.

Duvets and Pillows

bECOsy Companion Animal Beds

How could we forget bedding for your furry family members? Unlike many dog beds that are made from leather, wool or stuffed with goose feathers and down, bECOsy's vegan beds use durable Oxford cloth, faux Sherpa fleece and are filled with natural shredded latex. They’re also chemical-free and hypoallergenic. The materials help the bed keep its shape and increase longevity, and the convenient removable filling means it can be easily washed at 30 degrees. The smaller sizes are ideal for your feline friends, too!


The Bamboo Flooring Company is the world's first to certify vegan floor products with The Vegan Society, meaning all their flooring, including the adhesives, stains and lacquers used in production, do not involve the use of animal products or testing.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainable and popular option for flooring. Bamboo grass grows rapidly and can be sustainably harvested in around five years, compared to hardwood trees which can take decades to reach maturity. The bamboo forest is protected and carefully harvested to ensure there is minimal disruption to local communities and wildlife. Not only is bamboo flooring an eco-friendly option but it's also extremely hardwearing, durable and cost-effective.

To shop, visit their website or Leicester-based showroom. Free samples are also available via the website.

Bathroom Essentials

From dental care to body care, here are some vegan essentials for your bathroom:

Kitchen & Cleaning

For a vegan and more eco-friendly kitchen, check out these kitchen staples:

For more home cleaning solutions that are kinder to animals and the planet, check out our blog all about cleaning with a clear conscience. It's packed full of product recommendations under ‘Vegan Household Cleaning Alternatives’.

Vegan Wall Paint

You may not know that most household paints can contain animal ingredients such as casein (a milk protein) or shellac. Luckily, Victory Colours offer a wonderful variety of vegan wall paints from classic neutrals like Manor White No. 1 and Avalon No. 9, to beautiful bright tones like Iris Pallida No. 94 and Water Dragon No. 24, and deep rich tones like Pepper Tree Green No. 34 and Midnight Ink No. 71. Whether you're painting a nursery, creating a calming neutral space, looking for an accent colour, or prefer something dark and moody, Victory Colours have 70 gorgeous vegan paint colours to choose from!

Styling, Fragrance & Wellness

No interior is complete without the little touches that make it distinctly yours, whether that’s the homeware you style it with, what you keep your mind and body cared for with, or the scents you fill it with. Here are some that have been verified by us:

Liforme Yoga Mats

Liforme's yoga mats are the first to be certified by the Vegan Trademark! The planet-friendly and body-kind vegan yoga mats have revolutionary grip and original alignment guides that have earned accolades from around the globe. Designed by Yogis, for Yogis, Liforme products are sold in over 180 countries and loved by over 500,000. Committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, Liforme has Vegan Trademark and B Corp certification, and actively supports various charitable initiatives through their LiveForMore Foundation. Visit their website to find out more and shop their wide range of yoga mats made with sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable materials.

Tisserand’s Little Wellbeing Wonders

Feel your best around the clock with Tisserand’s Little Wellbeing Wonders. These handy pocket-sized mood boosters, feature their Happy Vibes, Total De-Stress, Real Calm and Sleep Better wellbeing blends of 100% natural pure essential oils. Simply spritz your chosen mini mist onto your pillow or around your space to create a cloud of joy and allow the aroma to settle your senses.

Langtree Botanics Candles & Melts

Nothing exudes ‘cosy home’ like burning beautifully scented candles and wax melts. Capture moments of solace and invite the spirit of nature into your home with Langtree Botanics’ candles and wax melts, all Vegan Trademark certified. They’re ethically sourced, full of natural ingredients and will style your home beautifully. There are scent blends to suit every season, including Candlemas, Vernal, Beltane, Solstice, Lunasa, Equinox, Hallows and Yule.

If candles aren’t your thing, you could scent your home with:

Spry Aroma Mist Sprays

Spry’s Aroma Mist Sprays are great for scenting any room, your soft furnishings or your faux flowers, with ten scents to choose from including their prized Oud collection.

Scented Reeds and Diffusers


If you’re fortunate enough to have a garden, or you’re making the most of your indoor, window or balcony spaces to grow plants, have a read of our Vegan Gardening blog filled with tips and Trademarked products to help keep your garden and plants vegan friendly and thriving.

To help keep your garden clean, check out these:

  • Bio-D Home & Garden Sanitiser – also available in 5 litres. It can be used on patios, paths, decking, driveways, greenhouses, water butts, waste bins, sinks and drains, to clean and disinfect your home inside and out. It’s safe for use in septic tanks and cesspits, and like all Bio-D products, is free from synthetic chemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes and perfumes.
  • Wilko plastic-free Antibacterial Garden Wipes – use them on PVC window frames, plastic garden furniture and glazed garden ornaments.

By Vegan Society Brand Marketing Officer, Nishat Rahman.



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