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» Follow these inspiring vegans this International Non-Binary People's Day

As we celebrate International Non-Binary People's Day, this 14 July, we’re supporting by raising awareness of non-binary people in the vegan community who promote conscious living.

This day falls within Non-Binary Awareness Week from Monday 10 July – Sunday 16 July 2023.  

Non-binary is an umbrella term that encompasses individuals who do not identify as either a man or a woman, but who embrace gender fluidity that can fall within or exist beyond traditional gender binaries [1]. In this blog, we’re recognising these inspiring people today, and every day. Zane McNeill headshot

Zane McNeill 

Zane McNeill is an editor, writer, journalist, and scholar-activist who specialises in issues of speciesism, social justice, and queer activism. Zane is dedicated to challenging narratives and raising marginalised voices through legal advocacy, and is passionate about diversity, inclusion and justice, challenging and dismantling legal protections in the animal advocacy field. 

Zane is co-editor of Queer and Trans Voices: Achieving Liberation Through Consistent Anti-Oppression and was the recipient of the 2022 National Lawyer Guild’s Legal Worker Award for their work around animal rights. Zane is also co-manager of Rights for Animal Rights Advocates (RARA). Check out their recent blog about how veganism is closely connected to other social injustices such as queer liberation, and why we should fight together against all forms of oppression. 

The Vegan Queens The Vegan Queens 

The Vegan Queens are a vegan drag mother-and-daughter duo, consisting of Gemini Andro (Paul of Those Vegan Guys) and Creeping Miasma (Stuart Crowther). They are best known in the vegan community for their YouTube channel, started in 2016, where they share ‘news, reviews and views’ on the vegan and LGBTQIA+ sphere. Through their content, they advocate for equality, acceptance, and justice for marginalized communities and non-human animals, bridging the gap between social movements and encouraging unity. 

Their ability to combine informative content with humour and authenticity has made their channel a go-to source for vegans and allies alike. The Vegan Queens activism is recognised in campaigns with Generation Vegan (previously Million Dollar Vegan), where they asked Rishi Sunak to take a one-month vegan pledge. Gemini and Miasma also provide top-rated comedic entertainment for events via hosting, for Prides and cabarets. You can follow The Vegan Queens on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Julia Feliz 

Julia Feliz headshotJulia Feliz is an activist, independent scholar, and founder of Sanctuary Publishers, a vegan owned book publisher committed to raising the voices of marginalised communities, both human and non-human. Julia is co-editor of Queer and Trans Voices: Achieving Liberation Through Consistent Anti-Oppression, a book focussed on building bridges between movements and dismantling hierarchies between oppressed groups.  

Julia has been vegan for 14 years and has a passion to help make the world a better place for all life. “It is important for us to create books that inspire change for the betterment of our world, and at the same time, foster the ethics in which our values are based on – for people (human and nonhuman), nature, and our world as a whole.”   

Selena Earnest Caemawr

Selena Caemawr is a poet and activist based in Wales and a queer, trans, autistic person of colour. Selena is a social entrepreneur and Director of Aubergine Cafe and Events CIC, Cardiff, which strives to create job opportunities for people on the autism spectrum. Selena is an internationally renowned speaker and educator on the topics of disability inclusion, accessible workplaces, and veganism.

After being diagnosed with autism as an adult, Selena had a vision to empower autistic people through accessible environments and innovative working practices while providing ethically sourced, nutritious and affordable plant-based food.

Aubergine is run entirely by autistic/neurodivergent people, from the kitchen and floor staff to administrators and directors.

Saryta Rodríguez  

Saryta Rodriguez is an accomplished author, editor, social justice advocate, and educator. Saryta’s books include Until every animal is free (2015), Veganism in an oppressive world (2017), and Food justice: A primer (2018). Through their work, Saryta raises awareness about critical issues such as food justice, veganism, race, and gentrification; shining a light on, and unpacking the systems and structures that perpetuate injustice. Their intersectional approach provides a welcoming space for multiple and often overlapping matters to be discussed. 

This dedication to their activism and their commitment to a more just and equitable world make them an inspiration to us all. You can find out more about Saryta’s work on their website. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list; join us on social media and let us know who we should mention next time. Let's empower one another towards a kinder world. Find us at @TheVeganSociety on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, and at @TheOriginalVeganSociety on Instagram


[1] Stonewall. 10 ways to step up as an ally to non-binary people (accessed 14 July 2023) 

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