Orangutan Alliance launch palm oil free certification programme

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» Orangutan Alliance launch palm oil free certification programme

Maria Abadilla, Founder of Orangutan Alliance, introduces the new certification programme that will help consumers easily identify products that are palm oil free.

For many vegans, the decision not to consume animal-based products is for ethical reasons. We want to ensure the food we eat and the products we use are produced ethically and cause no harm to animals.

Using palm oil as an ingredient continues to be an ongoing debate within vegan circles, particularly when it comes to vegan products. But now vegans who want to go palm oil free have a new ally. A newly launched organisation, the Orangutan Alliance is getting behind consumers who want clearer labelling on products that contain palm oil. Orangutan Alliance works in a similar way to The Vegan Society by developing consumer awareness programs.

Orangutan Alliance Palm Oil Free Certification

Orangutan Alliance provides the opportunity for food, beauty and household products to be certified palm oil free. As a registered charity, profits from their certification program go towards grassroots conservation and reforestation efforts for endangered species affected by conflict palm oil.

As organisations like the UN, Greenpeace, and Amnesty International bring to light how conflict palm oil violates human rights and contributes to deforestation and climate change; more and more people around the world are sitting up and taking notice. Public figures like Sir Richard Branson, Leonardo di Caprio, Sir David Attenborough, Bill Oddie, Chris Packham, Joaquin Phoenix and Gillian Anderson are taking a very public take a stand against conflict palm oil. And Orangutan Alliance is there to help.

“When it comes to palm oil and the impacts of its cultivation, consumers have enormous power to ensure that illegal and unsustainable practices end.”

Sir Richard Branson

Demand for ethical products increasing

Orangutan Alliance are responding to the consumer demand for food and drink manufacturers to be forthcoming about their ingredients, production processes and supply chains by helping them make ethical choices at the supermarket through clear labelling.

“Many consumers around the world lack trust in regulatory systems, manufacturers, and even their fellow humans. This compounds a pre-existing wariness about food and drink because of product recalls, scandals, and suspicion about large companies. The convergence of scepticism extends and enhances the existing consumer interest in the origins of food and drink that has been present (in some markets) for the past decade.”

Mintel’s 2018 Global Food & Drink Trends

The Orangutan Alliance Certification Program and PALM OIL FREE Certification Seal stands for transparency in product labelling and ethical purchase choices. 

Food and beauty products perfect for vegans

"We believe in the power of choice.  As a consumer, you can make a difference with your purchase to encourage better business practices and products so that our planet and endangered species have a chance"

Maria Abadilla, Founder of Orangutan Alliance

When you see the Orangutan Alliance Palm Oil Free Certification Seal, you can be confident that the products are palm oil free. Profits from the certification program are used to raise awareness and to support grassroots programs like orangutan rescue, rehabilitation and reforestation.

To learn more about the Orangutan Alliance head over to their Facebook page and give them a like, or visit their website and reach out and say hello. You’ll find a list of their vegan-friendly certified products as well as resources to help you go palm oil free. 

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