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Thousands of people have signed up for Veganuary, so it’s a great time of year to talk about how to prepare meals that are both delicious and nutritious. What better place to start than breakfast?

carrot cake porridge

A balanced breakfast can help to get your nutrition off to a great start but don’t just take our word for it! As part of our Vegan and Thriving campaign, we work with health and nutrition professionals to support people to thrive on a vegan diet. Dietitian Azmina Govindji says,

“Breakfast is the perfect opportunity to start your day with nutritious plant-based options. For example, you can choose a fortified dairy-free drink with your cereal to ensure you get your iodine and calcium, add walnuts to your breakfast berries to add in some vegan omega-3 fat, or scatter chopped Brazil nuts to yogurt alternative to bring selenium, flavour and crunch to your morning routine.”

Breakfast is a great window of opportunity to pair up healthful options, such as wholegrain cereals, fruit, fortified alternatives to milk and yoghurt, and seeds rich in omega-3 fat – chia seeds, shelled hemp seeds and ground linseed (flaxseed).

It's always exciting to see all the vegan product launches during Veganuary but you need a little nutrition know-how to help figure which ones work well as everyday options and which ones should be enjoyed in moderation due to higher amounts of added salt, sugar and fat. The NHS provides handy tips about using food labels to compare products.
We have teamed up with the science and nutrition team at Alpro to provide you with some new, tasty and speedy twists on classic breakfasts to provide the perfect pairing for health, nutrition and planet. Alpro Dietitian Kate Arthur says,

“Each recipe has been nutritionally designed and analysed, and they are dietitian approved by Nutrilicious. They are simple, quick and delicious – providing essential nutrients to kickstart your day, optimising the nutritional profile of your breakfast whilst minimising the environmental footprint too. The beauty of a healthy plant-based diet is that it not only supports our health, but is also good for the planet too.”

We hope that you will enjoy these recipes and use them to help you thrive during Veganuary and beyond.

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