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This is a great winter warmer for cosy weekends when you have a little more time.

Super creamy due to the coconut milk yoghurt and coconut cream and full of flavour and spice.

Eating a little bit of spice in the morning always makes me feel like I'm on holiday.

Perfect for a lazy breakfast. Preferably made while you’re in your pyjamas on a weekend

If (like us) you’re new to ‘gremolata’ – it’s a zesty herb condiment

One to whip out for those ‘where do you get your protein’ questioners

Sub for regular-sized couscous if you’re in a pinch

What’s not to love about baked filled pastry?

Peanut butter… the way to a vegan’s heart. This dish is comforting and satisfying

This classic will set you up for a busy day.


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