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One of The Vegan Society’s main goals is to introduce veganism to a wider audience. There's no better way to do this than to engage members of the public who've never heard of veganism before. We want to help you reach out to new audiences.

How to do it

We are interested in engagement activities that raise awareness of plant-based lifestyles, while also sharing with the public a positive, happy experience of veganism. No negative stereotypes here please! 

Whatever the activity – hands-on workshops, interactive talks, debates, discussions, articles, festivals – we will provide information, advice and resources alongside your grant to help you share your passion with public audiences. We also want to help you develop the skills to communicate your excitement about veganism and thereby engage a new, wider range of people.

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Before you complete our application form online, please be sure you have read over our application guidelines.

Tell me more

If you have an original and brilliant idea for promoting veganism and are you eager to reach out to new audiences and share with them the excitement of being vegan then our grants programme can help you do that. 

What we do not fund

• Projects that duplicate work done by The Vegan Society or other similar organisations

• Projects that are aimed at children in schools

• Projects that are part of an organisations usual programme of activities

• General purposes hardware or running costs

• Projects that are aimed at mostly or solely vegans – this fund is designed to pay for projects that target non-vegans to help them go vegan and stay vegan

• Non-vegan projects

• Projects that aim to make a profit

• Projects that are based purely or primarily on health-based benefits for going vegan, unless supported by a Vegan Society dietitian 

• Projects we have funded before - this is a grant scheme for new projects and we have a limited budget so cannot support the same projects year after year

Current members of The Vegan Society’s Board of Trustees or staff are not eligible to apply for, or be associated with, a new audiences’ grant

What we are looking for

We welcome all kinds of applications as long as they meet the criteria below. The maximum single grant available is £500 and in most cases the amount awarded is around £200.

Previous recipients of Vegan Society grants are welcome to apply for funding, but the assessment panel will look for significant development of the idea or activity in the new application as well as evidence that the project is aiming to become self-sufficient.

Our Grants Officer can offer practical support in terms of help, advice and selected resources along with discussing potential ideas for a project. For more information, please contact grants[at]vegansociety[dot]com


We are looking for projects which engage with a predominantly non-vegan audience and aim to encourage them to go vegan and stay vegan. Projects that engage with the general public have a much better chance of being funded than projects which are only aimed at vegans.

We prefer to fund smaller projects where our support will have a big impact. 

We are particularly keen to fund projects that work with or involve people who face particular challenges or discrimination if they want to learn about or access vegan living.  

Please read the full application guidelines before applying.

Your project must:

Inspire and enthuse public audiences, especially those not previously interested in veganism or in places where there has been little or no engagement with veganism 

Promote engagement with veganism in a positive way 

Have clear objectives and goals. You must be able to demonstrate how the project will reach people and make an impact on the target audience. Projects must include a method to measure how you have met your goals and objectives, ideally over a long-term period

Have a plan for future sustainability. We are unlikely to fund the same project year after year and will look for evidence that you have thought about how to make your project self-sufficient in the future.

Be primarily volunteer-led. We want to fund grassroots organisations, especially those that train and support volunteers.

Be good value for money. Your project should request an amount of money that is appropriate to the proposal, we are less likely to fund projects where our contribution is relatively small compared to the overall budget. 

Be well organised. This includes having plans for last minute changes, allowing enough time to organise your event and having an understanding of any practical and legal issues involved in your activity.

Include a plan for reporting back to us. We want to hear about how you have achieved your goals including evidence how many people your project reached and how it has helped promote veganism in the long-term.

Things to think about

Below are some things to think about when writing your application based on projects we have funded in the past:

Does your project develop the communication skills of members and volunteers involved? 

Does your project link veganism to external events in the wider community, e.g. local science festivals, half-term activities in the local community, church fetes, local fairs or festivals, etc? 

Do you have an imaginative or novel way of connecting new audiences with veganism?

What is the environmental impact of your project? Do you have plans to reduce the carbon footprint of your project or keep it environmentally sustainable? 

Helpful resources 

How to plan an event
Photographing your event
Working with the media
Evaluating your event
How to write up your event
Examples of successful grant applicants