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Free samples across the country

Once a year Eat Out Vegan Wales holds a ‘Free Vegan Tea Room’ in a different part of Wales, not only encouraging local people to try tasty vegan food, but also promoting veganism to local businesses and sharing information on the benefits of switching to a plant-based diet.

At a recent event a local journalist decided to go vegan for a week and published an excellent article on veganism in the Evening Leader. Radio Wales came along to interview the team and broadcast a short article on veganism.

‘We estimate about 450-500 people attended on the day, based on sample counts and food portions eaten (we served over 600 pieces of cake alone!). 64% of visitors reported they would incorporate more vegan food into their diet. We are grateful to The Vegan Society for their donation of £70 and literature in both English and Welsh, and that as members of The Vegan Society we were covered by their Public Liability Insurance, making the event even more cost effective."

Feedback received from attendees included:

"I was shocked how delicious everything was. I couldn't tell that the sausage rolls had no meat and the pastry had no eggs. Very impressed!" 

"I was not expecting the lovely flavour in the food. I expected it to taste different. Will try at home." - A meat eater



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