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Let’s talk about vegan feminism

The London Feminist Film Festival was held in August this year, with their ‘Feminism & Veganism’ talk on the 18th of August focusing on the connection between the oppression of women and non-human animals in order to promote veganism and the public understanding thereof at a non-vegan event. Four panellists discussed a variety of topics linking feminism with veganism, including how they combined their own feminism with being vegan, the oppression of both groups and how we shouldn’t oppress one group to highlight the struggles of another, and the portrayal of animals in popular culture. With a lot of demand for tickets they sold out the 50-capacity venue and had people standing at the back to follow the talk and engage in the discussion once it was opened to the audience. The talk can be viewed on Youtube

At the talk they had leaflets about veganism and about the dairy industry available for people to take, while at the rest of the festival leaflets from The Vegan Society were left around to make visitors aware of and get them thinking about the link between feminism and veganism. At the closing night party for the entire festival all drinks were vegan and free vegan food was handed out and very well received. 

“I decided to apply for the grant because I think there are clear links between the oppression of women and that of non-human animals, and I really wanted to bring this out and discuss it at LFFF this year. I spoke to someone at the Vegan Society stall at VegFest and she seemed enthusiastic about the idea. I think often as human rights activists we can have a blind spot when it comes to the oppression of non-human animals, and I wanted to start a conversation about whether veganism is a feminist issue, and hopefully encourage some more feminists on their way to becoming vegans. I wanted to do this via a talk at the festival, and also by providing all-vegan food at our closing night party, so that people would start to think about the connections between the two subjects and to see them as naturally going together.”

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