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Organising free vegan events ‘until everyone is vegan’

On the 29th of October, the first Palm Beach VegFest ( was held in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Palm Beach VegFest are a non-profit organisation whose profits are used for local and national charities, such as vegan community events, education, vegan organisations, ocean conservation, and animal sanctuaries. Hosting a free, family-friendly event proved a massive success as 3000 people showed up to enjoy vegan food, see activist and vegan product stalls, attend cooking demos and listen to speakers. Palm Beach VegFest aimed to bring people together while enjoying delicious food, shopping and learning about veganism and a healthy lifestyle. Entertainment such as games and live music combined with the beautiful weather they enjoyed on the day made the event perfect for a family day out.

In total, there were more than 50 vendors and speakers involved in the event and 1300 free tote bags were handed out to visitors, giving them samples provided by sponsors and leaflets from The Vegan Society. The organisers also expressed their gratitude for the support and information provided by The Vegan Society.

Being publicised through social media, leaflets, a PR company and local businesses, the turnout was higher than expected and it proved a very successful day for both the organisers and vendors. Palm Beach VegFest is planning on organising 6 free events a year with the first one of 2018 being held on January 20th.

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