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The Baltic's only vegan Fair

The Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals first held the Taimetoidumess vegan fair in Tallinn in 2011; and it has continued to grow both in size and in the level of interest it attracts. 

At the 2012 Fair over 90% of those attending were not vegan. The 2013 event was held in the middle of the town’s busy shopping mall, attracting the attention of large numbers of non-vegan members of the public. Taimetoidumess is a complete vegan lifestyle event, including aerobics classes by a vegan fitness instructor; information on cosmetics; clothing; household cleaning products; as well as food and drink.  

The event receives good coverage on three of the country's television channels, radio and in newspapers. Most of the traders sell out of their products. 

“We are very thankful to The Vegan Society for making it possible for us to carry out the Baltic’s only vegan fair!”

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