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Vegafest: bringing veganism to Slovenia

Mascots at VegafestVegafest is the largest vegan and sustainable living festival in Slovenia and this was the fourth event of its kind, taking place for the first time in Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, on Saturday, 7th May 2016. This one-day event aimed to enthuse people of all ages about veganism, promote a greater public understanding and bring together an estimated 8,000 people to enjoy a variety of events and performances. A variety of societies, companies, shops and other exhibitors with vegan-friendly products held over 50 stalls and information-giving events, and there was a wide range of delicious vegan food on offer. The event also was host to a series of lectures, workshops, stage performances and many other activities including discussions about ‘the myth of vegan stereotypes’, presenting successful vegan athletes and a Best Festival Dish Award. The event was also an opportunity for its organisers and team of 30 volunteers to circulate over 10,000 leaflets on vegan food, the impact of veganism on the environment, animal rights, and other issues connected with Vegafest. 

The event was promoted by local newspapers, TV, radio and social media, and the organisers were delighted at its success. Owing to the success of Vegafest last year they are running the event again this May, and remarked on how satisfied they were with the level of support and information they received from The Vegan Society:

Said Dani Sušnik of the Slovenian Vegan Society: “We would like to express our gratitude for your contribution to Vegafest festival. It really means a lot to us, since we are all volunteers in our society and this kind of support makes it easier to organize such an event.”

Eating at vegafest

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