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vegan healthy breakfast bowl with grains and blueberries

Dietitian Chantal Tomlinson shares her tips on kickstarting your day the best way.

Hummus: a common staple of the plant-based diet

A vegan dietitian shares her top picks and outlines their benefits.

Aquafaba ingredients

It’s World Egg Day (13 October) and we’re celebrating with thirteen vegan egg swaps.

In an unethical and non-vegan world, shopping as a vegan can be difficult at times. It’s not just the question of whether the product itself is vegan, but also the wider ethics of the company selling said product.

Person swimming

Vegan Society member, Annie Button, discusses how to enjoy swimming whilst staying true to our vegan and eco-friendly ethics. 

Headshot of Heena Modi

In this blog, Heena Modi shares her journey towards veganism, how it began with Jainism, and how these values weave into the Jain faith. 

vegetable crisps in a bowl

Discover how you can save money on healthy snacking with these quick and easy recipes recommended by our in-house dietitian.

fern painting

Artist Rebecca Lanyon Wilmott shares her tips on ensuring your creative tools are free from animal use.

Image if Ishaan outside wearing a plant based t-shirt, holding a laptop reading 'but it is important to see' written on it.

Coping with the distress of living in a non-vegan world. 

bedside table with books, tea cup and saucer and pot next to bed in a vegan home

Keeping your home clean, cosy and beautiful doesn’t have to harm animals. Here’s a guide to get you started.


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