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Headshot of Heena Modi

In this blog, Heena Modi shares her journey towards veganism, how it began with Jainism, and how these values weave into the Jain faith. 

vegetable crisps in a bowl

Discover how you can save money on healthy snacking with these quick and easy recipes recommended by our in-house dietitian.

fern painting

Artist Rebecca Lanyon Wilmott shares her tips on ensuring your creative tools are free from animal use.

Image if Ishaan outside wearing a plant based t-shirt, holding a laptop reading 'but it is important to see' written on it.

Coping with the distress of living in a non-vegan world. 

bedside table with books, tea cup and saucer and pot next to bed in a vegan home

Keeping your home clean, cosy and beautiful doesn’t have to harm animals. Here’s a guide to get you started.

Asha Swann explores how veganising dishes can link us to our heritage. 

Jess and Dan

Jess Saunders examines the intersection between two subcultures. 

Photograph of Helena Rose

Jude Whiley-Morton reflects on his own experiences and interviews others who live with long-term conditions. 

friends gathering for a summer outdoor dinner party

The days of table etiquette and tiny pieces of bread may be over, but an old school dinner party can be a great way to win over would-be vegans. 

Ashley Renne Nsonwu headshot

Lola Méndez explores how vegan creators are making waves with short-form videos.


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