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Our balanced recipes contain multiple portions of fruit and vegetables. They've been designed to help you keep your saturated fat intake down and boost your intake of beneficial fibre, which is easy to do when you make room in your diet for plant foods. Recipes that have been tagged as good sources of calcium contain at least a third of a UK adult's daily requirement.

Potato kale and onion salad

Potato, Kale and Pink Onion Salad with Tofu Scramble and Lemon Pepper Yoghurt

Potato salad is forever the crowd pleaser. But all too often it’s reduced to a sad, sloppy,...(Read More)

Laksa Noodle Curry

Feel-Good Laksa Noodle Curry

A fragrant and colourful dish you can whip up in just 10 minutes(Read More)

Tofu Pancakes with Plum Sauce

Tofu Pancakes with Plum Sauce

Perfect for a date night, this meal is sure to impress(Read More)

Bombay Burritos

Bombay Burritos

Delicious, filling and packed with protein(Read More)

Ultimate Versatile Chilli

Ultimate Versatile Chilli

Sure to become your next family favourite.(Read More)

Falafel Burgers

So easy to make ... chuck it in, whizz it up, and hey presto!(Read More)

Jazzy Jambalaya

Jazzy Jambalaya

Full of punchy flavours, this meal is comforting and satisfying.(Read More)

Loaded sweet potato wedges

SO VEGAN's Loaded Sweet Potato Wedges

This fun recipe is great for sharing and feels super indulgent(Read More)

SO VEGAN's Weeknight Peanut Butter Udon

The perfect post-work dinner for two(Read More)

Omari McQueen's Chickpea Curry

A delicious, balanced recipe from Britain's youngest TV chef!(Read More)


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