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Our balanced recipes contain multiple portions of fruit and vegetables. They've been designed to help you keep your saturated fat intake down and boost your intake of beneficial fibre, which is easy to do when you make room in your diet for plant foods. Recipes that have been tagged as good sources of calcium contain at least a third of a UK adult's daily requirement.

Satay tofu and spring onion rice

Peanut butter… the way to a vegan’s heart. This dish is comforting and satisfying(Read More)

Vegan carrot and courgette cannelloni in a white oval oven dish on a wooden board against a grey background

Carrot and courgette cannelloni

Because we love alliteration. Actually no, it’s because it tastes great(Read More)

A selection of bread rolls filled with black bean marina sauce next to a side of potato wedges, served on a wooden platter.

Black beanball marinara subs

Allow us to introduce you to beanballs … meatballs’ more compassionate cousin(Read More)

Roast cauliflower Sunday lunch

Because vegans also love a Sunday roast.(Read More)

Leftovers burger

This nifty recipe will help you to use up any leftovers you have hanging around.(Read More)

Vegan breakfast porridge with nuts and fruit in a white bowl on a red background.

Breakfast porridge

This classic will set you up for a busy day.(Read More)

Yoghurt and granola

With just a bit of advance prep, this makes an amazing quick breakfast.(Read More)

Overnight oats

We’ve spoiled you with this one … overnight oats, six ways!(Read More)


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