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Our balanced recipes contain multiple portions of fruit and vegetables. They've been designed to help you keep your saturated fat intake down and boost your intake of beneficial fibre, which is easy to do when you make room in your diet for plant foods. Recipes that have been tagged as good sources of calcium contain at least a third of a UK adult's daily requirement.

A bowl of baked oats against a colourful striped background

Cashew, pear and chocolate baked oats by Fearne Cotton

This is a great winter warmer for cosy weekends when you have a little more time, 

or...(Read More)

Tofu tikka masala by Fearne Cotton

Super creamy due to the coconut milk yoghurt and coconut cream and full of flavour and spice.(Read More)

Indian-spiced potatoes and raita on toast by Fearne Cotton

Eating a little bit of spice in the morning always makes me feel like I'm on holiday.(Read More)

Tofu and chestnut mushroom scramble

Perfect for a lazy breakfast. Preferably made while you’re in your pyjamas on a weekend(Read More)

White bean cassoulet and tofu gremolata

If (like us) you’re new to ‘gremolata’ – it’s a zesty herb condiment(Read More)

Vegan cauliflower steaks with chimichurri peas on a white plate against a grey background

Cauliflower steaks with chimichurri peas

This dish makes a beautiful centrepiece for any occasion(Read More)

Flatbread with baba ganoush

This aubergine dip is smoky, garlicky and delicious(Read More)

Lentil shepherd’s pie

An old family favourite, veganised(Read More)

Mushroom, thyme and fennel risotto

If you’ve not cooked with fennel before, now’s the time to try it(Read More)

Lentil and bean chilli

One to whip out for those ‘where do you get your protein’ questioners(Read More)


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