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Welcome to our new blog section, a place for debating and discussing all things vegan. Are you a vegan who has a topic relating to veganism that you cannot wait to get off your chest? Read our Blog Submission and Style Guidelines.

The views expressed by our bloggers are not necessarily the views of The Vegan Society.

Friday, 21 October, 2016

All you need to know about successful vegan baking

Sarah Cook cracks out her top tips and favourite recipes this National Baking Week.(Read More)

Thursday, 20 October, 2016

10 things to do and see at London Vegfest this weekend

Abigail Stevens lists the top ten things you can see and do at Vegfest London, which is returning to London...(Read More)

Friday, 14 October, 2016

Vegan Sidekick: creating new vegans, one comic at a time

Richard Watts, aka Vegan Sidekick, has produced hundreds of comics debunking arguments against veganism with his trademark logic and wit....(Read More)

Thursday, 6 October, 2016

Demand for dairy is driving the badger cull – yet no one is talking about it

Elena Orde reports on why badgers are 'stripy scapegoats' for the government and the dairy industry.(Read More)

Friday, 30 September, 2016

The thirsty vegan’s guide to Starbucks

Starbucks barista Carina describes how to easily veganise the Starbucks menu, detailing how to make sure you always receive the...(Read More)

Wednesday, 28 September, 2016

Why World School Milk Day will never celebrate plant milks

Ali Ryland reports on why political and economic factors are too entrenched within dairy milk production and promotion to include...(Read More)

Friday, 23 September, 2016

Walking the vegan walk

Georgina Rawes of Ethical Consumer looks at vegan shoes on the market, and how they measure up environmentally and ethically....(Read More)

Friday, 16 September, 2016

5 tips for vegans at university

Kathryn Wheeler gives advice to vegans at university, from how to manage your budget to making real change on campus...(Read More)

Friday, 9 September, 2016

When the CAP doesn’t fit: time to 'Grow Green' post-Brexit

In the wake of an open letter to Theresa May by select Tory MPs that called for farm subsidies to...(Read More)

Friday, 2 September, 2016

Know your roots

Ian McDonald considers how important it is for us to remember the backstory to today's vegan movement. He looks back...(Read More)

Friday, 26 August, 2016

10 of the best British holiday destinations for vegans

Ali Ryland lists the ten best British holiday destinations for vegans who don’t fancy another city break.(Read More)

Friday, 19 August, 2016

The rise of the vegan runner

Kathryn Howard ponders why there are more vegan runners than ever before, and outlines the benefits a vegan diet has...(Read More)

Thursday, 18 August, 2016

20 of the best vegan-friendly ciders

In honour of National Cider Day, Ali Ryland ranks the top 20 vegan-friendly ciders in four important categories: the tastiest...(Read More)

Friday, 12 August, 2016

Vegan in Japan

Katharine Orton describes the cultural shift taking place in Japan that sees the fish-orientated country opening up to veganism, while...(Read More)

Friday, 5 August, 2016

10 of the best vegan picnic foods

The top 10 vegan products for eating al fresco on the go.(Read More)