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Pioneering with gentle and well tolerated natural cosmetics

Founded in 1997, Janssen Cosmetics is seen as the pioneer in linking pharmacy and cosmetics, creating the cosmeceutical market. They have become a global brand and their products are being used in 80 countries across all continents. Janssen Cosmetics is extremely proud of the outstanding tolerability and effectiveness of their products, which are developed in close cooperation with the Dr. Sacher Kosmetik laboratory. The entire Biocosmetics range, created to meet the increasing desire consumers have for gentle and well tolerated natural cosmetics, is Vegan Trademarked.

 “In the Biocosmetics series, Janssen Cosmetics combines contemporary cosmetic standards with gentle and well tolerated formulations: natural and vegan active substances as well as uncompromising effectiveness. Biocosmetics meets the highest standards of natural cosmetics, and Janssen Cosmetics is proud to have this series trademarked by The Vegan Society, an organization founded in 1944.”


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