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The Vegan Society’s International Rights Network Conference 2020, in partnership with The Portuguese Vegetarian Association (AVP) and Aliança Animal, will be held as a digital conference from:

Friday 11 September – Sunday 13 September 2020

The conference will explore issues facing veganism in relation to the law, with focus on the following topics:

- Access to vegan food in the UK, Portugal, Germany and the USA
- Work at the EU to secure better access to plant-based food
- Discrimination in the workplace
- The recognition of veganism in British equality law
- Veganism, law and education
- Law and veganism in Australia
- How EU regulators are trying to prohibit plant-based food producers from using words such as ‘burger’ and ‘sausage’
- The prohibition of the use of ‘meaty’ words in France
- Recent German law on labelling plant-based cheese
- Why discrimination against vegans is always unjustified
- The struggle to obtain legal protection for nonhuman animals
- Discrimination against vegan activists
- How veganism has become linked to counter terrorism policing



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Confirmed speakers

Jeanette Rowley (UK), Chair of The Vegan Society's International Rights Network

Nuno Alvim (Portugal)

Elisa Nair (Portugal)

Francisco Guerreiro (Portugal)

Sabrina Ahmed (UK)

Dr Carlo Prisco (Italy)

Adam Karp (USA)

Ronja Berthold (EU)

Oscar Horta (Spain)

Steven Wise (USA)

Jess Swallow (UK)

Jordi Casamitjana (UK)

Edie Bowles (UK)

Ralf Müller-Amenitsch (Germany)

Angela Radich (Australia)


Please find the conference schedule here (BST timing)

(NB: schedule may be subject to unavoidable changes)


The ideas, views and opinions of our valued conference speakers do not necessarily represent the ethos of The Vegan Society or reflect its policies. Talks given by individual speakers serve to generate discussion in our shared objective to emancipate nonhuman animals from human exploitation and speciesist prejudice.

Speaker Biographies:

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