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What a year it has been. If you've been following our work for the past year you may have noticed we've been getting up to some pretty exciting stuff!

As 2018 comes to a close, here's a run down of The Vegan Society highlights from this past year.

We launched a vegan nutrition app.

VNutrition Screen Capture

VNutrition was launched early 2018 to help people who are choosing veganism to be more nutritionally aware. This app was introduced by our registered dietitian, Heather Russell, after updating the nutrition resources for our website. This information was converted into a handy app which helps to meet nutritional needs by keeping a food diary and ticking off a daily nutrition check-list which gives a progress report after some time. The app can be downloaded here to help you keep on top of all things nutrition in 2019!

We made it possible for you to be more involved with our work.

Our Campaigner Network was launched in 2018 and it has been a great way for our supporters to get involved with our campaigns and help in spreading a positive vegan message. As we are a small charity this allows the reach of our campaigns to spread further with the help of our supporters. Read more about it here.

More and more people went vegan to protect our planet.

We attended Camp Bestival this year and hundreds of you tried our seven-day vegan challenge because you care about our environment! Going vegan is one of the single biggest things that you can do to reduce food-related carbon emissions which contribute to global warming and cause damage to the natural world. Our Plate Up For the Planet pledge allowed hundreds more people to try veganism and help to save the world.

Our Catering for Everyone campaign allowed us to give evidence to the Scottish Public Petitions Committee.

Vegan On the Go ScotlandWe held petitions for Scotland, England and Wales to ask for a vegan option on every public sector menu for our Catering for Everyone campaign. Our Scottish petition with Go Vegan Scotland closed with 8,205 signatures and so we were invited to the Scottish Petitions Committee to give evidence for our petition to be considered. Our petitions for England and Wales are still open and so you still have the chance to help us in asking for this change that will not only benefit vegans but non-vegans with dietary requirements alike!

We saw seven out of 12 UK trains having vegan options following our Vegan on the Go campaign.

Vegan breakfast pots

Early 2018 we launched the second phase of our Vegan on the Go campaign which targeted train companies. Our aim is to make veganism accessible for everyone, vegans and non-vegans alike, and this year we helped towards getting more vegan options on-board UK trains. We have recently reported that seven out of 12 UK train companies now serve vegan options and we will be working with the rest in 2019 to ensure there is an option on-board all UK train companies.

We released a motivational app for going vegan.

Our latest app, VeGuide, was introduced to help budding vegans with staying motivated in going vegan. It was launched on World Vegan Day and had 10,000 downloads after only three weeks of release! VeGuide takes you through a 30-day journey which covers the basics of going vegan with easy to digest videos from Mic The Vegan, Rae Likes Froot and Jay Brave. Download it here if you're thinking of going vegan as a New Year's resolution and let us help you on your 30-day journey to going vegan.

We wouldn't have gotten this far without all of your amazing support and so we send you warmest wishes this festive season. Here's to an exciting 2019!

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