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peeled vegetables next to a compost bin

Seven ways to save money and reduce food waste using food scraps

We have put together a list of food waste hacks to help you stretch your budget and make the most...(Read More)

wrapped Christmas presents next to Christmas tree

Nine budget-friendly gift ideas for friends and family this festive season

We’ve put together a list of nine budget and vegan-friendly gift ideas as part of our ...(Read More)

christmas decorations

Eight top tips to keep your festive celebrations cheap and cheerful

Since it is one of the most expensive times of the year, here are some of our favourite tips...(Read More)

Dried beans on wooden spoons

Cheap vegan staples

If you want to keep an eye on your budget when you head out for a plant-based shop there...(Read More)

Prepared vegetables in bowls

Food waste hacks

We’ve asked our staff, supporters and followers to share their top tips for avoiding food waste. Take a look and...(Read More)

Infographic of VEG 1 cost breakdown

Vegan Supplements on a Budget

The idea of supplementation as a vegan can be overwhelming. ...(Read More)

Supporting vegans in crisis

Here are some suggestions on how you may be able to help those most in need.(Read More)

Live Vegan for Less Campaign Logo

Live Vegan for Less

The current Covid-19 pandemic has caused a number of challenges to the way we all live our lives. Evidence...(Read More)

Fruit and veg to the side with a plate of veg in the shape of a face

Food tips for vegans on a budget

People often ask us if vegan diets are expensive and this question is now more relevant than ever. Dietitian...(Read More)

Chickpeas in a heart shape

Tips for the COVID-19 crisis

We’re all undoubtedly facing a different range of challenges at the moment. Whether our local shops don’t carry the...(Read More)


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