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Kathryn Howard ponders why there are more vegan runners than ever before, and outlines the benefits a vegan diet has to professional athletes.

Katharine Orton describes the cultural shift taking place in Japan that sees the fish-orientated country opening up to veganism, while Jojo Huxster lists her top five vegan eats in Tokyo.

Ali Ryland and Elena Orde recap their week of sun, sandwiches and surfing (read: tumbles in the sea) at France's Vegan Surf Camp.

Top level climber, skydiver and BASE jumper Steph Davis discusses nutrition, compassion and trusting yourself in high-risk environments.

Sarah Cook recaps some top tips to help you get the most out of your summer as a vegan.

Elena Orde debates the hotly contested topic.

Elena Orde speaks to vegan children's author Ruby Roth about empowering children to love deeply, think critically and act responsibly.

Andy Davidson reports on the visceral experience of meeting pigs being sent to slaughter during Manchester Pig Save's vigil, and how emotion can galvanise others into action.

Andy West reveals why veganism can alleviate the suffering of all, animals and humans alike.

Alex Douglas highlights her experience as a vegan volunteer for Volunteers’ Week, and gives tips on how you can become an awesome activist too.


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