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Young adults on beach

Dietitian Heather Russell gives her top food tips for vegan 11-18 year olds, whose dietary requirements differ from children and adults.

From top left: Michael Greger; Vegan 101 team; Hospital Catering for all Team.

2016 was a rollercoaster ride for many, but a great leap forward for veganism and The Vegan Society as a whole.

Tom Kuehnel looks at our obsession with eating turkeys, what the overwhelming numbers are truly costing us, and how we can use these facts to change hearts and minds this holiday season.

Abigail Stevens runs through the best gifts of the season.

Jenny from the Hunt Investigation Team talks about the important work their vegan campaigners do to save local wildlife.

Elena Orde writes on the anniversary of the UN's report 'Livestock's Long Shadow' about what, if anything, has changed since animal farming was identified as a major cause of environmental devastation.

Founder of Catskill Animal Sanctuary Kathy Stevens tells the tale of Henrietta the turkey, and how she and other fortunate animals came to be saved in time for their own vegan Thanksgiving feast.

Dietitian Heather Russell provides a kids' meal plan as well as fun ways to introduce the great fruit and vegetable adventure to young children.

Ali Ryland outlines five important facts about animal agriculture to chew over this World Vegan Month.

Mike Jones is never going back to eating animal products: here's why.


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