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Here you will find information about why we are attending COP26 and why it’s important – what we will be doing there, our campaigning for the environmental case for veganism, events we are attending during COP26, updates, partners, sponsors, and what you can do to support us!

What is COP26 and what are we doing there?

It has been a long time in the making but the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) takes over Glasgow City Centre from 31 October – 12 November 2021. The conference is an annual meeting of global leaders to discuss how to tackle climate change.

At The Vegan Society, we’ve been thinking about the importance of this event for the last couple of years. Switching to a plant-based diet can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 50% and has many other co-benefits in terms of tackling deforestation, biodiversity loss and water usage. It has been our hope that when world leaders convene to discuss their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs, targets for reducing carbon emissions) and corresponding action plans, dietary change would be high on the agenda. However, this is not the case. Animal agriculture, a large contributor to global carbon emissions, is currently omitted from the discussions – we’re supporting campaigns to get food and farming on the agenda!

Read our key messages to global leaders and policy makers.

Check out our Interim CEO, Louise Davies’ blog which explains in more detail what our involvement at COP26 is all about, why it’s important for the vegan movement and how we will be making the most of the opportunity.

The environmental case for veganism

We have long campaigned on the environmental case for veganism. Our behaviour change campaign, Plate Up for the Planet, our systems change campaign Grow Green, and our new food systems report Planting Value in the Food System, go some way to achieving these outcomes. We can use COP26 to bring this work to the attention of UK and global policy makers.

Find out how you can get involved and support us to get food and farming on the agenda at COP26!

Join us in Glasgow, add your voice by signing the petitions, sign up to our environmental campaign Plate Up for the Planet, check out and share our Food Systems Report, and keep up to date with our latest news.

In Glasgow

Sign these petitions

Plate Up for the Planet

We're taking our recently refreshed environmental Plate Up for the Planet campaign to COP26. The new website is live with low-carbon recipes, blogs, stats, research, and interactive graphics. 

Whether you want to tackle greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, biodiversity loss, water usage or water pollution, Plate Up for the Planet is one of the best ways to protect the planet.

Follow the science – we’re highlighting the headline facts which show that animal product industries are bad news for the planet in so many ways. Find out how your impact can make a difference – sign up to our 7-day vegan pledge and eat to save the world!

The Green Zone

The Green Zone is delivered by the country who hosts COP (called the Presidency). In Glasgow, the UK Government has created a space for youth groups, civil society, academia, artists, and businesses to host exhibitions, events, cultural performances, talks and workshops.

Explore the Digital Green Zone where you will find pre-recorded videos and talks from Green Zone exhibitors. Unable to make it in Glasgow? In the Digital Green Zone, you will receive access to live streaming from Glasgow, including talks and workshops. Check out our contribution to the Digital Green Zone and learn more about the environmental case for veganism.

Climate emergency marches

People are coming together to join climate emergency marches across the UK during COP26. Find one near you and unite together to raise awareness that the government must acknowledge the role of food in tackling the climate crisis and take action.

If you don’t see any marches near you listed, there are many more taking place! Look out for climate emergency marches in your local area.

If you plan on attending a march to support climate action, please feel free to support dietary change by printing our vegan placard designs.

Planting Value in the Food System report

The planet can’t sustain our current food system. Our Planting Value in the Food System report is our vision for a fairer food system – we can create a food system that is fairer for all.

The food system affects all aspects of our lives; it’s a key determinant of health, a major driver of climate change and habitat loss, a larger sector of the economy and source of employment, and a repository of deeply held social and cultural values. The report explores ideas for policies, principles and legislation that can lead towards a more sustainable plant-based food system.

To find out more about our vision and research for the future of food, view our policy briefing and share with your local MP to help us raise awareness of this important topic.

You can also help us get veganism front and centre at COP26 and support our ongoing policy work by making a one-off or regular donation.

Planting Value in the Food System report

The planet can’t sustain our current food system. Our Planting Value in the Food System report is our vision for a fairer food system – we can create a food system that is fairer for all.

Briefing for policymakers – our policy ideas to support a transition in food and farming to tackle the climate crisis.

Alexandra Clark from impact investor, Veg Capital, said “Governments have shirked animal agriculture’s role in climate change for too long, leaving it off the negotiating table at previous COPs. It is now vital we see true leadership, with a requirement for countries to include targets to reduce animal product production and consumption in their NDCs, and concrete measures to convert land currently used to raise and feed animals to plant-based agricultural systems and habitat restoration.”

We have joined forces with award-winning music and science festival, bluedot, for three special events during COP26 in Glasgow from Thursday 4 – Saturday 6 November.

The events will feature panels and in conversation talks, live music, DJ sets, comedy, and poetry. Attend one day, two or all three!

The partnership will raise awareness of our Plate Up for the Planet campaign.

Tickets for Thursday and Friday are priced at just £5 and are on sale now.

Registration for Saturday tickets is now open.

Read all about the events artists and contributors.

Panels and talks

  • Chris Packham
  • Dale Vince (Ecotricity)
  • Faye Milton (Music Declares Emergency)
  • Claire O’Neill (A Greener Festival)
  • John Robb
  • Hayden Thorpe
  • Craig Tannock


  • Liz Lawrence
  • Audiobooks
  • Bull
  • Midi Paul
  • Too Many Man (DJ Set Feat. Fay Milton)
  • Lost Colours
  • Aurora
  • Andy Cato (Groove Armada)


  • Chunks and the Diversity Quota
  • Gabriel Featherstone
  • Ruth Hunter
  • Amelia Bayler
  • David Callaghan
  • Chris Thorburn
  • Richard Brown
  • Heather Jordan Ross
  • Robyn Probert
  • Eliott Simpson

Thank you to our Vegan Trademark clients for supporting us by providing fantastic product samples to share with people who interact with us during COP26. We are grateful for your support.

We are also giving out our vegan nutritional supplement, VEG 1. Contained in plastic-free packaging, VEG 1 provides an affordable, reliable source of vitamin B12, iodine, vitamin D and selenium.

Latest news and blogs

Keep up to date with the latest news and highlights during our attendance at COP26. If you’re unable to attend any of the events, you can still get involved! Visit our ‘Get Involved’ section to find out more.

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