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Maya Pardo, Vegan Society International Rights Network member

Maya Pardo recently earned a Postgraduate diploma in Law and Professional Practice at King’s College London, and is now studying for the Solicitor’s Qualifying Exam to become a solicitor in England and Wales. Prior to studying law, she sang in the opera chorus at the Saarland State Theatre in Saarbrücken, Germany for four years and previously completed a Master’s in Music at The Boston Conservatory.

She recently published a water law guide called Rights of Nature Toolkit: How to Protect Rivers in England and Wales for use by legal clinics and activists as part of her work with the KCL Environmental Legal Clinic, under supervision of Sue Willman. She is also a trustee at The Animal Advocacy Project, where she helps draft objections to planning permission of new factory farms, highlighting the negative impacts of factory farms on rivers, wildlife, and drinking water.

She is also a member of World Animal Justice, where she contributed to an upcoming paper advocating for recognition of ‘crimes against animality,’ highlighting the connection between ecocide and zoocide. She is also a member of the UK Environmental Law Association and the UK Centre for Animal Law.

 Maya is a native Bostonian living in Salzburg, Austria with her partner and their French rescue cat, Minnie.

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