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Since Donald Watson founded The Vegan Society in 1944, volunteers have played a vital role in getting us to where we are today.

Volunteers add so much value to our work, bringing with them a fresh perspective and a range of valuable skills and abilities. Because of volunteers we are often able to be more creative, more responsive, and more ambitious in what we do.

What type of volunteering opportunities are there?

There are three different types of volunteering opportunities available. Firstly, there is office volunteering. Office volunteers help out across different teams in our office in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. They are either fixed term work placements or regular volunteers who do one four-hour session on a weekly basis.

Secondly, we have specialist volunteers. Specialist volunteers have a specific skill set that they would like to share with us. The skills we regularly recruit for are Graphic Design, Video Editing, Writing and Photography. Usually specialist volunteers work remotely, and the hours they volunteer for vary widely as they tend to focus on specific projects within a set time frame.

Lastly we have the Community Network, this is a newer stream of volunteering that involves volunteers from all across the UK working remotely or within their communities to help promote Vegan Society work and campaigns to people in their area. The Community Network is made up of two types of volunteers: Organisers and Advocates. The time commitment is variable but requires around four hours per month from Organisers, and a more flexible arrangement for Advocates.

What do our volunteers say?

Volunteering with The Vegan Society can be a wonderful opportunity to meet new vegans, practice your skills, gain experience and get that sense of satisfaction from knowing you are helping more people to go vegan and stay vegan.

“The Vegan Society is a great environment to work in – people are always recommending places to eat and new foods to try. I’ve met some lovely people” - Alice Wibberly, Archiving Project Support Volunteer.

“I figured out my whole future here! I became a digital marketing nerd after learning about marketing campaigns and how you can make advertising feel welcome and helpful online rather than intrusive. It inspired me to study more and I have since done multiple online courses. I’m now working towards a marketing qualification.” Charis Collier, Social Media and Visual Content Volunteer.

“I’ve enjoyed meeting other members of The Vegan Society and learning more about what the organisation does to help current and prospective vegans. The society genuinely feels like it has its finger on the pulse of the movement in the UK.” Chris Stidwill, Events Support Volunteer.

“I enjoy the feeling that I'm doing something to support The Vegan Society. I'm quite happy to give back. Honestly, I have experienced nothing but positives. The entire team is very friendly and very flexible, as well as respectful. It's also nice to be in an office where I know everything is vegan!” Ian Hoeck, Specialist Volunteer.

“I really enjoy making member packs. I find it very calming if I am having a day where my anxiety is quite high. I like that the tasks I do will vary from week to week so I’m often learning about new software and growing my skills.” Riley Hope, Office Volunteer.

“When people make requests for leaflets to distribute at events or stalls, I package them up and send them out. It’s a pretty simple job but when you can see so many of thousands of leaflets going out into the world it’s quite rewarding.” Anna Darke, Outreach Programme Volunteer.

How do I become a volunteer?

If you see a role that you're interested in, you can submit your application via our online forms. From there, we will aim to review your application within 10 working days, and get back to you to explain any next steps. These may include a telephone or in person interview.


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