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Continue to enjoy cakes and comfort food, curries and healthy meals - and all your favourite dishes - the vegan-friendly way. Find more ideas and support our work with recipe books in our shop. Try Cooking Vegan by dietitian Vesanto Melina and chef Joseph Forest for full, nutritionally analysed recipes for people of all ages.  

Don't forget to head over to our blog where we often feature recipe bloggers. Featured articles include how to throw an impressive dinner party for non-vegans and more.

We also have a helpful list of sandwich and wrap filling ideas

Publishing recipes in newspapers and magazines

Please note all the recipes in this section are copyrighted by their authors. There are very few recipes that The Vegan Society owns itself, but we have been lucky to receive permissions of some authors to share their recipes.

If you're a journalist and would like to use some of the recipes below in your publication, please email media[at]vegansociety[dot]com with links to the recipe(s) you'd like to use, and we'll check that we have permission to share them. If not, we will be able to offer an alternative and provide you with high resolution images. 

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To submit a recipe for publishing on our website go to our recipe submission form, all recipes are subject to review before being published. 

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Sunflower and mushroom spread

Sunflower seeds are wonderfully healthy, packed with iron, vitamin E and other essential nutrients. This spread is a great...(Read more)

Sweet and sour aubergines

Sweet and sour aubergines

Succulent and savoury.(Read more)

photograph of sweet and sticky jerk roasted carrots with vegan feta on a plate

Sweet and Sticky Jerk Roasted Carrots With Vegan Feta

Carrots stand up well to quite aggressive spicing, and they really deepen in colour and change texture when roasted....(Read more)

Sweet potato burgers

Sweet potato burgers

Steak and chips generates 6.8 times as much CO2e as Sweet potato burgers(Read more)

Sweet potato gnocchi

Making your own gnocchi takes a bit more time but is definitely worth the extra effort(Read more)

Slice of sweet potato pudding cake

Sweet potato pudding

This amazing pudding truly encapsulates the essence of Jamaican cuisine with its rich and sweet flavour profile....(Read more)

Sweet potato quinoa salad

Sweet potato quinoa salad

A ham and cheese sandwich generates 1.4 times more CO2e than a sweet potato and quinoa salad(Read more)

Sweet potato shepherds pie

Sweet potato shepherd’s pie

A comfort food classic with a twist from the wonderful Tiff Williams of @veganattiffs....(Read more)

Sweet potato soup

Sweet potato soup

An individual pork pie generates 2.3 times more CO2e than sweet potato soup(Read more)

Sweet potato soup

Delicious as a soup but you could also try this as a curry sauce. Simply make it a bit...(Read more)

Sweet potato white bean chilli

Sweet potato white bean chilli

Chilli con carne generates 9.3 times more CO2e than sweet potato and white bean chilli(Read more)

Sweet potato, butter bean and chilli soup

We recommend making a big batch of this and freezing for busy days. You won’t regret it.(Read more)

Sweet potato, sage and onion tart

An attractive, colourful centerpiece that goes with ‘all the trimmings’. Makes 1 large tart, serves 6-8.


For the crust


Sweetcorn chowder

This soup is decadent and creamy, yet light. Grab some chunks of baguette for dipping and you have yourself...(Read more)

Tahu Bumbu Kuning (Tofu and Vegetables in Creamy Coconut Gravy)

Tahu Bumbu Kuning (Tofu and Vegetables in Creamy Coconut Gravy)

Savour the richness of fried tofu, carrots and long beans cooked in spices and coconut milk, offering a harmonious...(Read more)

circular dough cut out onto a baking tray

Taigh na Mara highland shortbread

Perfect for Hogmanay, Burns' Night, St Andrew's fact it might be time to invent a few more excuses...(Read more)

Tarka dal

Tarka dal

Chilli con carne generates 7.8 times more CO2e than tarka dal(Read more)

Telur Dadar (Chickpea Omelette)

Telur Dadar (Chickpea Omelette)

Experience the goodness of a savoury omelette, veganized with chickpea flour for a protein-packed twist. Another healthy protein boost...(Read more)

Tempeh Kriuk Pedas (Spiced Crispy Tempeh)

Tempeh Kriuk Pedas (Spiced Crispy Tempeh)

Spice up your palate with this popular Indonesian dish featuring crispy tempeh infused with tantalising flavours. A healthy protein-rich...(Read more)

Thai green curry

Thai green curry

Beef kofta curry generates 3.7 times more CO2e than Thai green curry(Read more)


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