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The 2021 AGM will be held at 1pm on Saturday 22 May. We will provide online access but will also have a physical venue if appropriate.

Election of Council members

Applications for membership of the board of trustees (Council) are invited by Monday, 1 March. The role is voluntary but reasonable expenses can be claimed.

The most important qualities for trustees are commitment, enthusiasm and the ability to consider issues thoughtfully and to communicate and work well with others. To ensure an effective and diverse board, members from a wide range of backgrounds and with a broad base of skills and experience are sought. Experience in successfully managing expanding organisations, policy development, charity law and audit or risk management are particularly welcome.

The time commitment is about nine days per year for attending face-to-face meetings and training events (currently on-line). Email correspondence may at times take up several hours per week, particularly in the approach to a council meeting, but usually much less.

Candidates must have been full members of the society for a year and be aged 16 or over on the date of the AGM, and must be proposed by two full members of the society. Candidates should support the society’s objectives and mission and be committed to a vegan lifestyle.

Members’ proposals

We welcome members’ proposals to the AGM. These should:

• Be proposed and seconded by full members

• Not exceed 300 words, including any supporting material

• Propose a single form of action (not be a composite proposal nor simply a statement of opinion)

Proposals must be submitted by Friday 8 January.

For a candidate pack or further information about becoming a trustee or submitting a proposal, please contact the Chair of Council, Stephen Walsh (chair[at]vegansociety[dot]com), and the CEO, George Gill (ceo[at]vegansociety[dot]com), by email or by post (Donald Watson House, 34–35 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham B3 1EH). 

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