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Bombay Burritos

Delicious, filling and packed with protein

Ultimate Versatile Chilli

Sure to become your next family favourite.

So easy to make ... chuck it in, whizz it up, and hey presto!

The perfect post-work dinner for two

A delicious, balanced recipe from Britain's youngest TV chef!

Beetroot & pumpkin lentil rainbow falafel

These falafel balls are a perfect blend of crunchy and tender and work great in a piece of pitta bread or in a salad.

A bowl of baked oats against a colourful striped background

This is a great winter warmer for cosy weekends when you have a little more time, 

or it’s perfect served cold if you're organised and have made a batch the day before. Oats contain fibre which is good for your gut and can also improve blood sugar control. The pears and cashews add another needed boost of vitamins and protein to ensure you start your day right!

Vegan cauliflower steaks with chimichurri peas on a white plate against a grey background

This dish makes a beautiful centrepiece for any occasion

An old family favourite, veganised

If you’ve not cooked with fennel before, now’s the time to try it


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