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The much-anticipated Net Zero report has been underwhelming in asserting the need for a shift towards plant-based diets.

Due to the recent surge in demand for plant-based dairy and meat alternatives, both the meat and dairy industries are concerned that they are losing their dominant foothold in the food sector, and now propose amendments to existing EU legislation to make it even more difficult for manufactures of plant-based alternatives to market and sell their products.

Several hundred people gathered at the British Library in London on 11 April at the behest of The Vegan Society, for a day of thought-provoking speeches and panel discussions on the transition towards plant-based diets, and the implications for agriculture and rural communities.

Researchers found the UK can convert animal farmland to forest and still grow enough protein as well as help combat climate change.

There’s been a lot of chatter about vegan diets and gut health on social media lately. Here are some tips about keeping your gut happy from Vegan Society Dietitian Heather Russell.

This World Health Day, our dietitian Heather collaborates with charity Shine to explain what vegans need to know about this B vitamin.

Journalist Caroline Moody explains how she made the connection and went vegan at the age of 54, after a life-altering five months in Asia in 2018.


The revised edition is more focused on plant-based eating than the previous versions, but it still fails to actually mention veganism. 

A reply to an article from the Sustainable Food Trust who encouraged the consumption of grass-fed animals. 

We acknowledge powerful females who have helped to support the vegan movement.


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