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Vegan Valentine's Gift Guide

What if Valentine’s Day was celebrated this year to not just show love to your partner, but also to everyone else, including animals?

Heather Russell, Vegan Society Dietitian, explains why cruelty-free nutrition shouldn’t go in the same box as fad diets.

Holy Bible

Christians have not been prominent among the rapid growth in those moving towards a vegan diet in recent years, but David Clough argues they have strong faith-based reasons to reduce or eliminate animal products in their diet.

The Hilton Bankside hotel has recently launched a luxurious vegan suite catering for ethically-conscious travellers from around the globe.

Vegan activism on campuses seems to be on the rise, as most major UK universities now have a dedicated society for their vegan and vegetarian students.

Vegan January 2019

The New Year is officially here, what a perfect time to think about making some positive changes.


What a year it has been. If you've been following our work for the past year you may have noticed we've been getting up to some pretty exciting stuff!

Catering for Everyone Logo

After reaching 10,000 signatures, the government has responded to our petition calling for a plant-based option on every public sector menu.

Ed Winters is a familiar face on the vegan scene, perhaps best known for the conversations he has with non-vegans and shares on his YouTube channel.

Festive gifts with a lantern.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! This Christmas we're seeing some of the most delicious, innovative, mouth-watering and indulgent vegan products hit the shelves.


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