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Plain cosmetics pots containing product, scattered across a peach coloured background.

Anybody who’s paying attention will have noticed the steep interest in veganism over the past few years.

Vegan Trademark Christmas Banner

With veganism growing year on year, so is the abundance of vegan Christmas treats and alternatives.

Bug shape on the end of a red lipstick against a white background

A recent study by Flawless Lashes by Loreta has revealed that 36% of non-meat eaters were unaware that makeup can contain animal by-products.

Pink gift boxes against a pink background with the Vegan Trademark sunflower logo on white

We’re here to give you a helping hand with our wide range of gift ideas! 

Wooden sign in rural area pointing to VEGANISM

In honour of The Vegan Society’s 75th anniversary, it seems apt to take stock of the progress the vegan movement has made.

vegan neon red sign lit up in the dark

Kate Harveston gives great reasons for why you should go vegan this November.

Vegan and Thriving Vegan Society Campaign

To celebrate our 75th anniversary The Vegan Society have launched a new campaign ‘Vegan and Thriving’.

ASDA vegan chocolate coins and goody bag on an orange background with a pumpkin

If you're celebrating Halloween this 31st October, making your 'Trick or Treat' offering fully vegan is a hassle-free way of catering for everyone.

Hands exchanging a Vegan Society leaflet

No matter how busy you are, all of us could be doing a little bit more for the animals with these simple ideas. 


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