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Do you or your organisation want to spread the message about our Plate up for the Planet challenge?

Let's get everyone trying our vegan challenge for a week and together we can reduce our impact on the environment. And hopefully many of you will stay on your vegan journey for a lifetime!

Download lots of images to share on social media via Dropbox here (or right click and save the images below).  #PlateUpforthePlanet.

Plate Up Twitter 1 Plate Up Twitter 2

Tweet for the planet!

Do you have a twitter account and what to help our campaign. Share the below tweets with your followers by clicking on them.

We're pleased to support @TheVeganSociety #PlateUpforthePlanet. Go #vegan for 7 days and eat to save the world www.vegansociety.com/plateup Tweet this

I’m going #vegan for the week to help protect the #environment! Why not join me? www.vegansociety.com/plateup #PlateUpforthePlanet Tweet this

If you care about the #environment & #climatechange, going #vegan is 1 of the best ways to help www.vegansociety.com/plateup #PlateUpforthePlanet Tweet this

Did you know that going #vegan could cut your food's greenhouse gas emissions in half. www.vegansociety.com/plateup #PlateUpforthePlanet Tweet this

Excited to join @TheVeganSociety #PlateUpforthePlanet campaign to raise awareness about #veganism & #climatechange. www.vegansociety.com/plateup Tweet this

I’m taking part in @TheVeganSociety #PlateUpforthePlanet to go #vegan for a week. I challenge X to join me! www.vegansociety.com/plateup Tweet this

Request postcard packs.

Are you holding an event where you can promote the challenge? We can send you postcard packs to encourage people to take part. Complete your details below to request a pack. UK only.

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