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The Vegan Society’s research concept reports are informative publications designed to shed light on upcoming issues related to veganism.

These reports are produced by the research team of The Vegan Society (TVS) in collaboration with the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) and the Researcher Network (RN). The reports use evidence and information derived from academic literature and original research to better inform professional practice. The aim of these reports is to strengthen and grow our reputation as an evidence-driven organisation; to determine knowledge gaps and opportunities for future research; to inform evidence-informed campaigns and policy work and spark cross-organisational dialogue to ensure TVS continues to an effective and innovative player in the global vegan movement.

Reports from 2022

Wellbeing and Veganism – A Concept Report

The aim of this report is to bring together existing research on individual/microlevel wellbeing and veganism. In this report we ask, can veganism be a pathway towards a greater sense of wellbeing?

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