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» Animal lovers targeted with powerful new TV ad

Reaching out to those who define themselves as ‘animal lovers’, but who haven’t yet made the connection and gone vegan, Future Normal is the biggest and most ambitious campaign from The Vegan Society.

Following a successful digital campaign, Future Normal now sees a thought-provoking 60-second advert airing on various on-demand TV channels throughout November. The advert is being featured on channels that tend to have animal-loving viewers.

The channels include:

  • Animal Planet 
  • Discovery
  • Food Network
  • Nat Geographic 
  • Nat Geographic Wild
  • Sky Documentary
  • Sky Nature
  • All4 Factual Programming

The campaign launched in September with an impressive digital advertising campaign, achieving 12.5 million impressions and over 1 million video views.

Remember when you loved all animals?

That is the question that the Future Normal campaign seeks to explore. As children most of us loved all animals equally. Now, most of us love some animals and eat others.  What happened? What changed?

Future Normal aims to inspire ‘animal-lovers’ to reconsider their relationship with non-human animals, widening their circle of compassion to encompass all animals, including species that have traditionally been used by humans for food and clothing. To encourage people to start on this journey the campaign uses a variety of interactive and engaging content available at, that is always positive and non-judgmental in tone.

The campaign was developed with a fantastic vegan creative agency, UP.

UP has created powerful visuals and an approach that provokes curiosity and inspires change.

What is the Future Normal?

“We want to encourage people to think about the kind of future they want to live in and the steps they can take to make it a reality. Going vegan can be seen as a hopeful action. Veganism is a lifestyle taken up by those of us who believe a kinder, more compassionate world can be created, and that whatever small part we can play is worth it.”

Says Louise Davies, Head of Campaigns at The Vegan Society.

“We are sharing the message that being an animal lover means caring for and respecting all animals, not just those we might share our homes with.”

The Vegan Society wants the Future Normal to be a time in which all animals are given the respect and rights they deserve. A place in which they are no longer used, but recognised as individuals with their own personalities, preferences and desires.

Explore the Future Normal here, where you can find a whole host of exciting videos, articles, podcast episodes, a quiz and more. Please share the site with your friends and family, and click here if you want to support Future Normal via a donation. Thank you for any contribution you are able to make – all donations go towards helping The Vegan Society to reach even more people.

Notes to the editor:

The Future Normal website contains ‘lightbulb moments’ of numerous vegans who have made the connection that so many animal lovers have the potential to achieve.

Friendly and non-judgmental in tone, Future Normal is inviting people to reflect and consider changing their behaviours to bring them more in line with their existing values. 

The Vegan Society’s biggest campaign yet is aiming to provoke thought, curiosity, intrigue – and joy – at the prospect of being a part of the future normal.

Visit to discover inspiring videos, articles, podcast episodes and more. Follow @ourfuturenormal on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates. #FutureNormal

About UP

Creative agency UP ( has created brands, campaigns and campaign videos for a range of high profile charities including Save the Children, Christian Aid, Cruelty Free International, Eurogroup for Animals, PETA, The Vegan Society, World Animal Protection, RSPB, Friends of the Earth, Compassion in World Farming and Humane Society International.

Founded by long-term vegans, Kate Bowen and Craig Wilkinson, they create commercial-grade branded campaigns for ethical businesses and charities, with a strong focus on animal welfare and animal rights. 

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