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Menna Jones (Chair)

Menna is a consultant clinical psychologist, and has been clinical lead of a multi-disciplinary NHS team since 2010. She...(Read Bio)

Jenifer Vinell (Vice-Chair)

Jenifer has been a life member of The Vegan Society for over 40 years. She has been passionate about...(Read Bio)

Stephen Walsh (Treasurer)

Born in Belfast and vegan since 1993, Stephen’s contributions range from helping with Vegan Camp to writing Plant Based Nutrition...(Read Bio)

David Gore (Assistant Treasurer)

David has been an animal rights based vegan for the last ten years (and a vegetarian for the ten...(Read Bio)

Ali Ryland

A committed vegan and a member of The Vegan Society since being a teenager, Ali has eight years of...(Read Bio)

Graham Neale

Graham has been vegan for more than 20 years and has served as Chair of the board of trustees.
...(Read Bio)

Salim Akbar

Robb Masters

Robb has been a vegan and a member of The Vegan Society for over twenty years, during which time...(Read Bio)

Eshe Kiama Zuri

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