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Rodger Armstrong

Chapman Chen

Paula Feehan (Vice Chair)

Paula has over ten years experience working in strategy, advocacy and campaigning for international development agencies and has been...(Read Bio)

David Gore

David Gore (Assistant Treasurer)

David has been an animal rights based vegan for the last ten years (and a vegetarian for the ten...(Read Bio)

Joe Hughes (Sustainability Champion)

Joe has been an ethical vegan for the past six years and is a proud father to two wonderful...(Read Bio)

Christine McLaren, Vegan Society Trustee

Christine McLaren (EDI Champion & Safeguarding Lead)

Chris has been vegan since 2015 and is a defender of animal...(Read Bio)

Linda Russell

Paras Shah, Veagn Society Trustee

Paras Shah (Treasurer)

Paras has been a vegan since 2009 and a vegetarian before that.

He has been working as an...(Read Bio)

Amber Vincent -Prior

Jenifer Vinell

Jenifer Vinell (Chair)

Jenifer has been a life member of The Vegan Society for over 40 years. She has been passionate about...(Read Bio)

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