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Since 1944, The Vegan Society has been a voice for animals. Join as a member, and help us speak louder.

Through TV appearances, radio interviews, and articles both online and in print, we focus on getting positive stories about veganism out in the media. We’re showing the world that veganism is easy and accessible, and a natural choice for animal lovers.

The Vegan Society advocates for vegans in vulnerable situations, ensuring that the needs of individuals are heard and taken seriously, and upholding the fact that veganism is a protected belief under the Equalities Act.

We deliver campaigns encouraging the government to adopt vegan-friendly solutions to the issues facing society today. We are working with policy-makers to protect the environment by switching from animal farming to crop farming. We also provide vegan nutrition advice, to spread the word about how healthy vegan living can be.

Working with companies to register vegan-friendly products with our trusted vegan Trademark helps us to give vegans confidence in what they buy. Encouraging companies to provide accurate labelling, as well as supporting them to alter products to make them suitable for vegans, makes vegan living easier than ever.

Every month we support over 1000 people a month to try a vegan lifestyle – and most stay vegan afterwards. We would not be able to do this, or any of our other vital work, without the support of our members.

By joining us, you will help us to make the world a bit more vegan, every single day.

Rewarding members for giving a voice to animals and the environment they live in

Our award winning magazine, The Vegan, is available every quarter to members. This is filled with useful information, tips, interviews, nutritional advice, shopping, reviews, and special features. You will also have access to the archive. Members are rewarded with over 120+ vegan-friendly discounts which includes holidays, clothes, services, online shopping, cafes and restaurants and cosmetics. Holland & Barrett offer members in the UK 10% off in-store. You get 10% off VEG1 and 20% off Ethics & Antics.

You will be given an exclusive account area where you have a chance to share opinions in 'members' voices'. You can contact our dietitian, Heather, and read her latest opinions on vegan health. You have access to podcast extra, where you can listen to extended interviews and clips from The Vegan Society podcast. Customise your social media with our members' images and access the V museum where you can view and listen to archive material from the 1944 to the present day.

Members help influence the society by attending meetings and voting at our Annual General Meeting.

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Both members and eco members are given access to an exclusive account area where you can read The Vegan and much more, on your tablet or phone.

We appreciate each and every person who does what they can to support our work.

Rest assured that we will always put your donations to good use. We promise to invest our resources and energy into creative and ambitious campaigns. We will always do our best to further veganism, support vegans, and bring us closer to our goal of making vegan mainstream. We will always listen to your feedback, positive or negative.

Every member who follows a vegan diet and is over 16 is granted voting rights, and a say at our Annual General Meetings.

We will always respect your privacy. We will never pass your information on to third party companies, or send you correspondences you have stated you do not want.

Our work is our passion. Thank you for your support, and your trust.

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