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Five full days

Ilaria completed a week-long placement at Vegan Society HQ helping edit The Vegan magazine. At the time of her placement, Ilaria was studying towards a Masters Degree in Environmental Journalism. Gaining experience relevant to her degree, while contributing to a cause she was passionate about, made her volunteering experience a very positive one. 

“I don’t remember exactly what I expected The Vegan Society office to be like, but it was a cosy, peaceful environment, with friendly people keen on their work."

"I spent 5 full days in the office, which I think is very different from volunteering a few hours a week on a single project or event, as you really get into the work. The staff always asked me to participate in meetings, to express my opinion, and they didn’t do that as a simple courtesy but because they really meant it."

"My opinions and suggestions were appreciated and I felt I was doing something active and useful for the vegan message. I’ve done other placements in the past, but this was really unique. I really felt part of the team during the time I spent there."

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