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An energy company like no other

Ecotricity is the greenest energy company in Britain. They are also the world’s only official vegan energy supplier

In fact, the more you read about Ecotricity, the more you realise they’re much more than just a regular energy company.

They fight on the three frontiers of energy, transport and food – and that’s because, between them, these three areas account for around 80% of our carbon emissions. By changing how we power our lives, how we get around, and what we eat, we can make a huge contribution to building a much greener Britain – and that’s exactly what Ecotricity are here to do.

In energy, they not only supply 100% green, animal-free electricity and frack-free green gas, they use their customers’ bills to build new sources of green energy in Britain. So Ecotricity customers don’t just get green energy in their home or workplace, they get a green outcome too.

In transport, they built The Electric Highway, the national network of electric car charge points – enabling electric vehicle drivers to cover the length and breadth of Britain, emission free.

And in food, they are not only leading the way in the energy sector by becoming the only vegan energy supplier available, they also turned their local football club, Forest Green Rovers, into the world’s first vegan football club – and the greenest club in the world too, according to FIFA no less.

All of this stems from Ecotricity founder’s, Dale Vince, a vegan who’s truly committed to showing the world the benefits of a more sustainable way of living.

Switch and Save
Switching to green energy for your home or workplace is really easy and only takes a few minutes. And if you sign up from here, Ecotricity will donate £30 to The Vegan Society (or £60 if you sign up for both gas and electricity).


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