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Working towards a greener Britain

Switching to environment-friendly energy for your home or workplace takes less than five minutes and you can do so here: by using this link, we'll receive a £60 donation. Thank you!

Along with a number of other key charity and business partners, The Vegan Society is delighted to be a member of Ecotricity's Green Britain Partnership, actively addressing and searching for solutions to the three major factors accounting for at least 80% of our personal carbon emissions: energy, transport and food. 

In today's world, the most effective way to lower our personal carbon footprint is to avoid animal products. We're delighted to be utilising our knowledge and expertise working in partnership with Ecotricity towards creating a greener Britain.

This is what Dale Vince, founder and chairman of Ecotricity, has to say about our work:

"As a green energy company, we probably have more than our fair share of vegans and vegetarians working at Ecotricity. But even so, we'll be promoting the Vegan Pledge, as it's a great way of introducing what you might call the 'v curious' to a whole new world of food. After all, the one thing all vegans seem to agree on is just how much choice there is and how far their eating horizons expanded when making the switch to a plant-based diet. It really is a whole new world of food simply invisible to most people who take the 'meat and two veg' approach. The more people that make the switch the better - for their own health, the environment, for animals (of course) - and last, but not least, for their taste buds."

Below are members of the Green Britain Partnership.