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Achieving our mission

Two key initiatives helping us realise our long-term goal of a vegan world are: (1) encouraging more people to give veganism a try; and (2) making the vegan lifestyle easy to follow.

How we're doing it: 

1.  Publicising the philosophical reasons for being vegan. People are most likely to stay committed to veganism if they believe it is wrong to exploit other animals because, like humans, they have value in their own right.

2.  Promoting the benefits of the vegan lifestyle by:

  • Encouraging more people to adopt it and making it easy for people to follow it
  • Advancing the development and use of vegan alternatives to all commodities derived from animals
  • Promoting knowledge of sound nutrition and interest in veganism as a complete and healthy diet
  • Promoting vegan agricultural methods as a means of both safeguarding global food supply and avoiding environmental damage
  • Campaigning for the legal recognition of veganism as a protected belief within legislation
  • Driving to achieve policy change socially (citizens playing a key role) and through practice (consumers influencing the marketplace).

Where we work

The Vegan Society works mainly within the UK, but has a significant global influence. This is achieved through a strong online presence, social and traditional media, the Vegan Trademark for vegan products and services and long-standing partnerships with like-minded organisations.

As a responsible charity with limited resources, we work efficiently and towards results we can measure.

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