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Monday, 13 March, 2023

Why Vegan Activism Needs To Be Intersectional And Trauma-Informed

Researcher Network member, Laura Buchenlicht, examines the importance of inclusivity and intersectionality in vegan activism....(Read More)

image of sunset through leaves
Thursday, 16 February, 2023

The Valley of Veganism

In this manifesto-style blog post, RAC member, Dr Jack Coffin, speaks on veganism and utopia....(Read More)

Friday, 10 February, 2023

Celebrating 30 years of legal recognition for veganism

RAC member, Dr Jeanette Rowley, explores the importance of human rights to legal protection for vegans under...(Read More)

image of friends sitting in a living room laughing
Thursday, 26 January, 2023

On Vegan Friendship

RAC member, Dr Stephen Cooke, explores the moral difficulties ethical vegans face when maintaining their friendships. ...(Read More)

Image of a forest with sunlight coming through the trees
Tuesday, 17 January, 2023

Deforestation and Reforestation

 RAC member, Paul Appleby, shares his thoughts on the role of animal agriculture in deforestation....(Read More)

vegetables on a table
Friday, 6 January, 2023

Vegan diet, mood disorders, and the methodological issues

Researcher Network member, Manuela Giugliano, explores the issue of inaccurate and unreliable research in the field of...(Read More)

chickens walking on the grass
Wednesday, 14 December, 2022

Does ‘chicken’ remind us of chickens… and ‘bacon’ let us forget the pig?

Research Network member Ian James considers whether some of our language for meat is playing a part in...(Read More)

letters spelling plant based against a plain background and leaves
Tuesday, 1 November, 2022

Is the plant-based shift undermining veganism?

Researcher Network member, Anna Boardman, explores the rise of the phrase "plant-based"....(Read More)

McClelland pictured with the Mayor of Galway
Wednesday, 26 October, 2022

Jack McClelland: Ireland's vegan game changer

RAC member, Dr Corey Wrenn, highlights the extraordinary life of Jack McClelland, The Long-Distance Swimmer from Belfast...(Read More)

two people sitting down on sofa playing video games
Monday, 17 October, 2022

Game: Animals, Video Games, and Humanity - Book Launch

RAC member, Dr Tom Tyler, had authored a book on the significance and position of non-human animals...(Read More)

books on grass
Monday, 26 September, 2022

Plant-Based Nutrition in Clinical Practice: Book Launch

RAC member, Dr Shireen Kassam, has co-edited a book on plant-based nutrition aimed at health professionals....(Read More)

online call on a laptop with plant in the foreground
Wednesday, 14 September, 2022

What can vegans learn from anti-vegans?

Researcher Network member, Rebecca Gregson, explores the social psychology and ideology of anti-vegan online groups....(Read More)

A photograph of a person standing with arms spread wide, in front of a sunset
Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

The Psychological Effects and Motivations Associated with Following a Veg*an Diet

Researcher Network member, Michael Daw, explores the possible effects that a veg*an diet may have on our sense of...(Read More)

Cows in a field
Friday, 29 July, 2022

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Martin's Act

RAC member, Dr Alex Lockwood, has directed an audio documentary to mark the bicentennial anniversary of the...(Read More)

Woman sitting with her dog on the sofa
Tuesday, 28 June, 2022

Britain’s Rental Pet Policy and What It Means for Nonhuman Animals

RAC member, Dr Corey Wrenn, discusses recently announced changes to rental policy and how it benefits us...(Read More)


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